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    Our Morning Assembly
    Our morning assembly starts with a lot of segments including prayers. The prayers are followed by the national anthem. The head boy of the school conducts it. The perfect reads the important news every day. At last the principal addresses the assembly.

    Our Classroom
    Our classroom are spacious and equipped with ceiling fans and modern styled comfortable benches & desks. The big windows in each classroom receive natural light & air. The big and beautiful blackboards make them enticing.

    Computer Lab
    The Computer Lab contents many computers and movable chairs for students to have their practical classes and teaching.

    The school has a well stocked library and a reading room with books, magazines, story books and periodicals covering various subjects. A fill time librarian is appointed for the purpose.

    The attractive Science and Maths laboratory with experimental equipments is at services.

    There are separate lavatories for boys and girls. The lavatories are the most modern and equipped with the most recent toilets and urinals.

    Game and Sports
    There are a very gig playground for outdoor games. Outdoor games of our school consist of Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, etc. Students are encouraged to play some other outdoor games like Kabaddi, Kho-kho etc. Inter Class and Inter school Tournaments are also arranged by us. Besides these there are gorgeous arrangements of many indoor games. It has been conducted house named.

    Music and Dance
    Music and Dance classes are taken by the experts of their fields. Celebration A grand culture programme is staged on the occasion of Annual Day.

    Swings and Slides
    Swings and Slides are places beautifully in the garden of school. Tiny children are taken to the garden for swinging and sliding in the recess.

    Drinking Water
    Water plays the most important role in keeping a man healthy. Keeping it in view we have made proper arrangements of safe drinking water. The water tanks are cleaned regularly. To keep the tanks pipes and taps free from infection, bleaching is used regularly for safe drinking water.

    Parents Teacher Interaction (PTI)
    It is mandatory for the parents to attend the “Parents Teachers Interaction” On such occasions the parents have the opportunity to give their valuable suggestions to the teacher and take guidelines from them. The main objective of such meets are work together for the overall development of the children.