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  • Management Members

    Management Members

    The administration of the school is vested with the school managing committee.

    In addition, the school is administered by the Principal which deals with the day-to-day administration of the school and ensures that the general policies laid down by the school managing committee are implemented.


      School Managing Committee Details  


    Sno Members Name Designation in SMC
    1 Rupali Member Secretary
    2 Santosh Kumar Pathak Member Secretary
    3 Manoj Singh Member Trusty
    4 Kamlesh Prasad Teacher of the School
    5 Jawed Alam Member Parent of Student
    6 Sandhya Pathak Member, Teacher of School
    7 Sikha Mishra Member, Principal of South Point School
    8 Prem Prakash Member, Parent of School
    9 Hemlata Kumari Member, Teacher of Govt. High School