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  • Management Members

    Management Members

    The administration of the school is vested with the school managing committee.

    In addition, the school is administered by the Principal, who deals with the school's day-to-day administration and ensures that the general policies laid down by the school managing committee are implemented.


      School Managing Committee Details  


    Sno Members Name Designation in SMC
    1 Sandhya Pathak Member Secretary
    2 Madhu Kumari Member, Parent of School
    3 Manoj Singh Member Trusty
    4 Banti Kumar Gupta Teacher of the School
    5 Rabia Anjum Member Parent of Student
    6 Renu Kumari Member, Teacher of School
    7 Sikha Mishra Member, Principal of South Point School
    8 Santosh Kumar Pathak Member Secretary
    9 Hemlata Kumari Member, Teacher of Govt. High School