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  • Information of the school

    Information of the school

    St. Lawrence Academy is established in 2011. It is an English medium school dedicated to all those sincere teachers whose efforts have brought a creative revolution in the field of education. It runs under Maa Kalawati Educational Trust. It is situated at Shahpur, Karanja Bikram, Patna.

    1. School Name ST. LAWRENCE ACADEMY
    Email Id stl.awranceacademy@gmail.com
    Contact No. 07488326396     9334140755
    School's Fax No. 9334140755
    School's website www.stlawrenceacademy.org
    2. Year of establishment of school 2011
    3. Status of Affiliation: Permanent/Regular/Provisional Affiliated
    Affiliation No. 330619
    School Code 65615
    Affiliation with the Board since 2011
    4. Name of Trust Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. MAA KALAWATI EDUCATIONAL TRUST
    5. Name and official address of the Chairman
    Mr. Santosh Pathak 07488326396 stlawranceacademy@gmail.com 12/04/2046
    6. Total Number of Sites of School 1
    Total Number of Building Blocks 1
    Total Number of School in Square Metres 8447
    Total Number of Playgrounds 6
    Total area of Playgrounds in Square Metres 4500
    Total Numbers of rooms 38
    Total Numbers of small sized rooms 30
    Total Numbers of mediam sized rooms 7
    Total Numbers of large sized rooms 1
    Total Numbers of male rest rooms 1
    Total Numbers of female rest rooms 1
    Number of girls toilet 9
    Number of boys toilet 9
    Total number of Libraries 1
    Total number of Laboratories 5
    Total number of teachers (all classes) 17
    Number of PGTs 1
    Number of TGTs 9
    Number of PRTs 6
    Number of PETs 1
    Other Non-Teaching Staff 3